How much does $600,000 cost? ISU found out on Saturday

Remember how you felt when the ISU women’s basketball team went to Spokane, Wash. to play Miami in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last spring?
It didn’t turn out so well for the ladies, but we all expected that to happen.
I had similar feelings about the Bengal football team’s chances at Nebraska on Saturday, and I ended up being wrong.
It was worse.
I think we all knew ISU probably wouldn’t walk out of Lincoln with a “W” and it was no surprise that Nebraska played extremely well. Still, no one can feel good about what happened.
A 73-7 beatdown is never fun.
Don’t get me wrong, the Bengals did a few things well. Whenever you can force three turnovers against a perennial top 25 team, you’re at least executing properly in some areas. Donovan Henley picked up a huge interception and the team recovered a couple of fumbles.
But does that make up for allowing 385 rushing yards and 569 overall?
Maybe a little bit.
Head coach Mike Kramer wasn’t too happy with how his team played either, specifically the defense.
“Eleven guys got blocked on almost every single play,” he said. “Excuse me, 10 guys got blocked on every play and the 11th guy didn’t make the tackle.”
It wasn’t any more fun to watch midway through the first quarter, which was around the same time Nebraska’s backup quarterback came in for mop up duty.
Right about now is when I have to bring up the question: Was it all worth $600,000?
It appears that no one on Idaho State’s team suffered any sort of injury. So the answer to that question for this particular squad at this moment is yes, it was. The gamble paid off. Now ISU’s athletic department has collected five percent of its $12 million budget and it only took three and a half hours of humiliation.
Nebraska was wreaking havoc all over the field. Its defense was hitting like a freight train and its offense was mowing through Bengals like they were nothing more than a warm breeze.
The gamble doesn’t always pay off. ISU got lucky.
So is it right to put the well-being of 18 to 22-year-olds at risk so that the volleyball and soccer teams can continue to play?
None of the players seemed too upset about it during the last two weeks of preparation. Every word during press conferences was positive about the experience the team was about to have. Until athletes start complaining about a once in a lifetime opportunity and refuse to play, the previous question doesn’t need to be answered.
But what about when the Bengals begin conference play next Saturday against Sacramento State? Are they better off having faced the Cornhuskers?
That answer to this one isn’t as simple as the money question. There’s no doubt ISU won’t face another team even close to as good as Nebraska. The only way to get better is to play better teams.
But when is a loss so demeaning that there’s nothing to learn from it except for the proverbial “let’s never do that again?”
That may have been the case for ISU on Saturday. But we probably won’t know until the Hornets roll into Holt Arena in six days.
Now the games really count.

23 thoughts on “How much does $600,000 cost? ISU found out on Saturday

  1. Maybe it was about the depth chart. Nebraska was twice as big and had twice
    as many players. Idaho State was simply taken out in the first set of downs and
    never showed up after that.

    I don’t think it was Idaho State that looked bad. I think it was Nebraska. They came off as being greedy little headhunters. They will never hold a card in my book to a team like the Bengals who took a knee on 2 yard line against Black Hills State so Black Hills would not have a 45 to 5 loss to face.
    When a game like this gets away it just goes. Actually ISU didn’t show up until the fourth quarter.

    On the bright side for ISU the first four Conference teams that ISU faces in upcoming games all lost. The opener next week against Sacramento should be
    a challenge. And even the Montana game down the road opens the door to some questions since NAU topped Montana by ten points. You see Case we don’t know about Montana until that day comes.

    Hey by next saturday the Nebraska game will be long forgotten.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “The biggest game of the year for ISU is the Sacramento game.” It is sink or swim here. ISU needs to snap back like C. J. Reyes did. No matter the score he played like a Champion.
    There is still a lot of heart in the ISU team, and disaster has its benefits, look at the exhilaration of a comeback.

    And really it boggles the mind how any team can score 73 points. ISU quit playing in the middle of the first quarter.
    What really matters is Sacramento lost yesterday, and they will be looking for
    exoneration. But they are not going to get it. This year ISU is going to win its Homecoming and they will fight tooth and nail to the last down of the game.

    Go Bengals!!!!!!

  2. Great point. I suspect neither team really gained anything from this beat down. This was a “name the score” game for NU. NU only threw 2 passes in the second half and limited its play calling to running up the middle. We knew it was coming; you knew it was coming, yet ISU couldn’t stop it. We ran the fullback 9 times, which we never do anymore. From an NU fan perspective, I admire your kids for showing up, and doing their best, but when NU outweighs your line by 30 up front, and our skill guys are faster and more athletic, there’s no way ISU had a chance. There’s no reason we should ever schedule a weak 1AA team ever again. It’ pointless. Good luck to you the rest of the way. Go Big Red!

  3. IMO, you can’t compare Miami in basketball to Nebraska in football….. ISU should have competed better against Miami…. the Nebraska game is as we would expect.

  4. It’s absurd to think that since ISU didn’t suffer any injuries the game was a success. That is poor reasoning; in fact, there is no evidence to suggest more injuries happen when playing up a division. When ISU has played FBS opponents it’s often the FBS team that has more injuries. Remember Kentucky several years ago? Let me refresh your memory, from a newspaper article several years ago: “On September 10, 2005, Commonwealth Stadium became a frightening place. Starter after starter fell to the turf with freakish injuries against a seemingly outmanned opponent. A lackluster Kentucky effort allowed Idaho State to stay in the game and the murmurs from the crowd became increasingly audible.”

    Ultimately, ISU not only lost this game on the scoreboard… it also lost in perception, image and even attendance at next weeks homecoming.

  5. My friend and his family, ISU grads, just called me this morning to cancel out on plans for next weekend’s game and activities. He told me they are going to do a weekend trip to catch some fall colors instead. When I asked him if he was sure, he laughed, “Man, did you SEE the score from yesterday?”

    I hope otherwise, but I don’t think there will be 8,000 there.

  6. Idaho! State! — good riddance to your family and friends, “ISU grads” — we don’t need those losers at the game. What you EDITED that are degrading these boys don’t understand – they didn’t make the schedule and played hard yesterday against an obviously superior team. I am a parent of an ISU player and would take any of you that are complaining behind the woodshed if given the opportunity. I am proud of my son and the team ate up the opportunity to play before 84,000+ fans – it was a great experience.

  7. ISU is lucky that Pelini pulled most of the starters half way through the 2nd quarter. If he was like Mike Leach, now at Washington State, it could have been worse. NU could have easily scored 120, if we had kept running our regular hurry up high speed offense, like they did against Southern MIss or UCLA.

    This was a name your score game for NU. I didn’t realize that ISU hadn’t won a road game in 34 or so games. Ouch. We would have been better off scrimmaging against our own 3rd string. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

    Please advise your AD not to schedule NU again and we’ll do the same on our end. This game was pointless. Good luck the rest of the way.

  8. It really was pointless. If money is the objective, then next year schedule stupid again and play Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Auburn. Just think, we could bring about $2 million back for soccer and volleyball.

    • The author even said ISU was lucky – that no one got hurt. I concur in that view.

      My point, to address the author’s, is that this game (IMHO) should not have been played, at all, as it was a total mismatch and it could have been worse. When the 3rd string O-line and the 4th string running backs are still gaining 5 yards a carry in the 4th quarter, really, what is the point here? That ISU and NU entered into an agreement for an easy NU win?? You get the $600k check; we get the W?? I’m disappointed it was even on the schedule – not that your guys didn’t play hard or with heart – I’m sure they probably did. They just didn’t have a chance as our guys are generally better athletes – that’s why they’re at NU.

      There is something very wrong with selling these guys out (both your players & ours) for $600k, at the risk of their health in order to fund an athletic department, evidently.

      Honestly, I wish your team well the rest of the way and I hope your coach builds your program. I just didn’t see the point of this game being played. It didn’t help us prepare for the Big 10 and I’m not sure your guys got any benefit, physically or mentally, from being on the wrong end of a very lopsided score.

      I AM going to write Dr. Osborne and let him know these types of games are pointless. I can’t do anything on the Bengal side. Get ready for Sac State and good luck the rest of the way.


    • My, my, such a tantrum? Are you 11? Grow up and stop your whining, ok? You got your 600K pieces of silver. Now, get over it!

      Appaently, you were raised with no manners. When someone has empathy, you accept it, ok? Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bob, that was empathy? This “husker fan” said the following:

        “ISU is lucky”
        “it could have been worse”
        “NU could have easily scored 120″
        “This was a name your score game for NU”
        ISU hadn’t won a road game in 34 or so games. Ouch”
        “We would have been better off scrimmaging against our own 3rd string.”

        Well pardon me, I really should be thanking huskerfan for being so empathetic; If that was empathy there is a different meaning for Midwestern values that I don’t understand.

  9. NativeTexasn, therein lies a lot of the problem. ISU needs all of the fans it can get. Playing games which alienate the fanbase and alumni is not the answer. Telling fans “good riddance” is a recipe for failure (straight from the page of John Zamberlin). I’ll be at the game, my friend and his family will not.

    What’s sad is that these Husker fans are correct. They could have easily scored over 100 points if they had chosen to. ISU became the butt of many jokes during sport “highlight” shows yesterday. It pains me to see that. Yes, we had exposure, but at what expense? Sorry, I just don’t see how a 73-7 beatdown can help recruiting.

  10. @Maggie — I don’t believe Nebraska ran up the score. The Huskers scored 35 points in the first quarter, for heaven’s sake. Had they not pulled thier starters, they were on track to score over 120 points. Sadly enough, 73 points was merciful. The size of NU’s roster actually helped ISU. 3rd and 4th stringers, who normally don’t get to suit up for away games, all got to play.

  11. Husker fan

    So you are from Nebraska, well well well. That is good to know.
    Idaho state is not a “weak” team. It plays in the FCS Conference, and specifically the Big Sky which is side by side with the Colonial Conference. Many people think
    Big Sky is the superior Conference. But that is debateable. The Colonial has won more National championships.

    Idaho actually has several universities, Boise State, the University of Idaho and Idaho State being the top ones. Now Georgia caught ISU on an off day just like happened last saturday against Nebraska (something about road games). But anyway ISU cleared the path, the dead lumber so to speak, and the georgia fans when they learned that the Bulldogs had scheduled another Idaho team called Boise State Broncos they all let out a big laugh. But that was before they found out that Boise State came to play and play they did. You can check the results for yourself.
    I myself will be quite curious when Boise State gets the chance to play on the Corn Hauler turf. Curious to see the reaction when those 86,000 Corn Hauler fans find themselves crying instead of laughuing as the Georgia Bulldogs did.

    And it is also interesting to note that Nebraska has only one D1 team. The other two, Kearny and Chadron State are D11. I would call neither of these teams weak,
    but to my knowledge neither of these teams or any RMAC team for that matter has ever beat a Big Sky opponent.

    Again we are all looking forward to the day Boise State schedules against Nebraska.
    Paybacks are something else.

  12. Realist
    Thanks for the insight on the game. ISU can and did learn a lot from playing a BCS
    team like “Vaseline on the Jersey’ “Dirt in the eyes before the snap” “Elbow in the back’ twisting feet in the pile’ breaking thumbs around the ball, not to mention
    gouging the eye of the quarterback after putting vasiline on the ball.
    Now don’t get the impression that Nebraska didn’t play a fair game. The vasiline
    was the trick. You could hear the screams and the laughter all the way to Texas.

  13. ISU had the chance to test many theories that have been around football for quite some time. A popular one is “the bigger they are the harder they fall. This david and Goliath theory didn’t work out saturday EXACTly

  14. Get over it, ok? Nebraska was totally easy on the Bengals, all right? Do you realize, no passes in the 2nd half? Running the ball only, that gave the Bengals a chance to just concentrate on the run and not the pass. We put 3rd and 4th stringers. Nebraska, agreed by many, could have put up way over 100!! I, myself, thought the score would be 84-7.

    So, sports fan!!!, stop thinking with your heart and self-pride!

    Your Bengals were treated with total respect throught the pre-game time and the game. I saw tempers fly that were all Bengals!

    If you want to blame anyone for the wipewout, blame your AD!! He threw your “little” boys to the Lions, all for 600 big ones.

    It seems to me, you do NOT know football; you have no idea how much a team like Nebraska can pour it on. Again, get over it, and just admit, the Bengals are in a totally different league than the Big 10, let alone Div I!!

    Don’t you ever say, again, the Huskers poured it on. You could not meet the talent on the line, and you paid for it!! You expect our kids to lie down? Are you kidding? You lay down and you get hurt. You back off, you are not playing the game the way it is meant to be played. Again, no passing in the 2nd half, 3rd/4th stringers, and it goes on and on.

    You don’t like the Huskers anymore? That is YOUR problem!!

    GO BIG RED!!!

  15. pretty steep accusations! sound like you have played the game and done all that? Huskers, surely, didn’t need to do any of that vs the little tigers!

  16. Dirt in the eye? They played the game on Field Turf. Vaseline on the ball? The balls that ISU brought for their offense to use? The same balls that are handled in between every down by a referee? Ummm OK.

  17. Corn Holer bobby girlly
    You get over it camp follower. Still plying your trade following defeated armies around, gloating, robbing the dead, smelling corpses.
    We don’t need your salt, ignoramous. No matter how many games the Corn Holers win or lose you will still be an ignorant little slime ball and you won’t get over it.

    And that goes for the rest of you Corn Holer parasites. Hit the road.

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