News and notes on ISU football and the Kramer situation

Director of Marketing at Idaho State Mark Levine would not say whether or not Kramer’s suspension was paid or unpaid.

For me this, along with the fact that Kramer will coach the team all week and can travel to Missoula, just adds more skepticism to how much of a punishment this one-game suspension really is.

I also got word that Derek Graves practiced with the team on Tuesday and by all indication did it as well on Wednesday. Whether or not he plays remains to be seen.

Graves’ attorney Don Jackson made it pretty clear that he and his client are not backing down, stating that ISU’s punishment was cheap.

“I would consider it minimal when you have a head coach shoving a player on university property and all he gets is a one-game suspension,” Jackson told the Journal. “It almost says they are willing to tolerate that kind of behavior.”

He is also working to get the NCAA involved, saying that what Idaho State is doing could be considered lack of institutional control.

“At the same time, they do have an obligation and an interest in looking out for the safety and welfare of student athletes at an institution,” Jackson said. “In this case, it’s clear that the institution has failed.”

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