Kramer won’t be charged in shoving incident, time to move on

As many of you have already heard, Idaho State head coach Mike Kramer will not be charged in the shoving incident involving suspended wide receiver Derek Graves.
It would appear that the dark cloud over the football team is dissipating.
In my opinion, there is nothing for Graves or his attorney, Donald Jackson, to hang a civil suit on because no criminal charges were filed.
Life should return to normal in Holt Arena within no time.
It’s too bad the season has gone the way it has for the Bengals. Their struggles are not due to the distraction from Graves, but it feels like that has been the focus from fans and outsiders since the video first surfaced in October.
But it’s now in the past. Kramer and his coaching staff can go back to building ISU’s program from the ground up. No more distractions, no more potential criminal charges and no more dealing with a rogue wide receiver.
I go back to Graves’ quote from his appearance on Outside the Lines: “I don’t want to lose my senior season,” he said. “I’ve worked too hard for that.”
I said it right after those words were spoken and I’ll say it again: His senior season was lost the moment he went to ESPN with the video. I am not criticizing a kid, but I fail to understand the logic in what Graves did.
It’s my hope that Kramer and the university learned some valuable lessons. I hope Kramer keeps his intensity and competitiveness, but releases it in better, more constructive ways. I hope Idaho State realizes the value of getting in front of potential issues and nipping them in the butt before the beans are spilt on national television.
Life goes on at Idaho State and it’s time to put everything behind us.
Let me be the first to do just that.
Idaho State takes on Cal Poly this Saturday. What do you think of the matchup?

One thought on “Kramer won’t be charged in shoving incident, time to move on

  1. Another example of the good old boys justice system in Pocatello, Idaho.
    If the victim of Coach Kramer’s anger and assault would have been a young man from Pocatello, Idaho , Coach Kramer would have been arrested and booked with charges filed with in one day of the assault , like any other assault in Pocatello or Bannock County.
    For this ISU Football fan, this assault of a player by a head football coach and the failure to charge and prosecute the crime by the good old boy justice system in Pocatello is the final straw in the incompetence of the ISU Football program. I will never purchase another set of tickets for ISU football games and will not be using my remaining tickets or attending any more games.
    Because of the incompetence of the ISU AD – Jeff Tinge and the criminal behavior of Coach Kramer , the ISU Football program is history.

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