Nature          Date Reported      Incident  Location
————— —————— ——— ——————————- —

Agency: BCSD Bannock County Sheriff’s Office

Abandoned Vehic 17:02:06 07/22/10   10-B3010 6150 S 5TH AVE; BELMONT CARE CE BAN

Accident        16:43:51 07/22/10   10-B3009 YELLOWSTONE AVE; sb by pizza hu BAN
(two-vehicle, no injury, one vehicle has left scene)

Accident        21:12:19 07/22/10   10-B3015 sb 15/54                        INK
(1987 Buick vs deer, $450 damage)

Accident        17:51:37 07/25/10   10-B3063 BARTON RD; at the towers        BAN
(one-vehicle crash, unoccupied vehicle rolled down the hill into some trees, $1,000 damage)

Agency Assist   08:48:47 07/22/10   10-B2998 5800 S 5TH AVE                  BAN
(assist Onieda County Sheriff’s Office with an investigation)

Agency Assist   08:49:28 07/22/10   10-B2999 5800 S 5TH AVE                  BAN
(assist Onieda County Sheriff’s Office with an investigation)

Agency Assist   09:17:12 07/23/10   10-B3019 168 us hwy 30                   INK
(assist Inkom Police with a break-in at the Red Pony bar)

Alarm           07:48:59 07/22/10   10-B2996 7283 S 5TH AVE; TRI-STATE MOTOR BAN
(business burglary alarm)

Alarm           18:21:53 07/22/10   10-B3012 1752 N ELK RD                   BAN
(residential burglary alarm)

Alcohol Offense 03:20:15 07/24/10   10-B3036 2321 E ARIMO RD                 BAN
(24 yr-old male was cited and released for Transporting an Open Container, and Providing Alcohol to an Underage Individual; 19 yr-old female was cited and released for Underage Consumption of an Alcoholic Beverage)

Alcohol Offense 16:18:10 07/24/10   10-B3040 225 E MAIN ST                   LAV
(21 yr-old male was cited and released for having an Open Container of Beer in Lava Hot Springs)

Animal Problem  01:25:56 07/23/10   10-B3018 Hwy 30/ E old oregon trail      LAV
(20 head of cattle running-at-large on railroad right-of-way)

Animal Problem  15:17:43 07/23/10   10-B3031 Lacey Rd                        CHU

Civil           11:19:41 07/23/10   10-B3024 rr 2 box 163 ; Cemtary Rd       CHU
(citizen questions on civil issues)

Civil           11:51:37 07/23/10   10-B3025 980 Dixon Rd                    MCM
(child-custody issue)

Disturbance     09:13:03 07/22/10   10-B3000 13852 N HAWTHORNE RD            BAN
(domestic dispute)

Disturbance     19:27:47 07/23/10   10-B3033 Lava;Portneuf River             LAV
(disturbance related to a tailgating complaint)

Disturbance     00:53:28 07/24/10   10-B3035 697 E CENTER ST                 DOW
(intoxicated 58 yr-old male causing a disturbance)

Disturbance     18:58:53 07/24/10   10-B3041 306 E MAIN ST; Home Hotel       LAV
(20 to 30 suspects involved in a large disturbance)

Disturbance     01:39:57 07/25/10   10-B3049 94 E PORTNEUF ST; #16           LAV
(NELSON, JOSHUA R (31) was arrestd and jailed for Alcohol Protective Custody to detoxify when deputies responded to a noise disturbance)

Disturbance     15:31:21 07/25/10   10-B3061 Main St; ifo ice cream shop     LAV
(6 to 7 males involved in a disturbance)

DUI             00:12:47 07/23/10   10-B3017 Philbin/Siphon                  POC
(27 yr-old female was cited and released for DUI)

Fire Illegal    08:47:06 07/25/10   10-B3056 2665 OLD HWY 91                 BAN
(burning in a burn-ban area)

Fire            14:58:07 07/23/10   10-B3028 48 I-15 ; median                MCM
(search & rescue)

Fire            16:47:02 07/24/10      60948 HIGH COUNTRY RD; off big bear i BAN

Fire            07:35:06 07/25/10      60949 BALDY MTN RD                    BAN

Fraud           09:24:33 07/23/10   10-B3020 85 E 1ST ST S                   DOW
(computer fraud)

Harassment      11:15:07 07/22/10   10-B3003 3712 OLD HWY 91                 BAN
(neighborhood dispute)

Harassment      12:21:06 07/22/10   10-B3006 9361 N KIMBERLY LN              BAN
(threatening text messages)

Information     15:16:27 07/23/10   10-B3030 3964 STOCKMAN RD                POC
(concealed weapon permit revocation on a 26 yr-old male)

Juvenile Prob   13:56:14 07/23/10   10-B3027 731 N RAPID CREEK RD            INK
(15 yr-old female in possession of alcohol and marijuana)

Lost Property   14:24:38 07/24/10   10-B3039 Lava Hot Springs ; swim pool    LAV
(lost wallet)

Med Assist      23:27:51 07/24/10   10-B3045 Tillotson/Blaser Hwy            LAV
(ambulance-assist, child fell off of 4-wheeler and sustained a minor head injury)

Med Assist      00:58:12 07/25/10   10-B3048 11248 S DEMPSEY CREEK RD        BAN
(ambulance-assist, 24 yr-old female, possible alcohol overdose)

Med Assist      14:12:37 07/25/10   10-B3058 898 E Hwy 30; Chevron           MCM
(ambulance-assist, 11 mo-old child having a seizure)

Med Assist      16:25:54 07/25/10   10-B3062 91 S 4TH ST E                   DOW
(ambulance-assist, 85 yr-old male, possible heart attack)

Medical         13:50:41 07/22/10   10-B3007 430 E MAIN ST; LAVA SWIMMING PO LAV

Missing Person  13:52:04 07/24/10   10-B3038 Main St ; community center      LAV
(10 yr-old male was lost)

Noise Complaint 23:54:24 07/24/10   10-B3046 Scout Mountain; The point       POC
(large party with a bon fire)

Noise Complaint 02:16:39 07/25/10   10-B3052 Box Canyon; camping area        POC
(loud juvenile party)

Ordinance Viol  03:52:58 07/25/10   10-B3054 1st/Fife; area of               LAV

Property Damage 22:23:04 07/22/10   10-B3016 11965 N RIO VISTA RD            BAN
(vehicle trespassing on property, driver possibly intoxicated)

Suspicious      11:40:19 07/22/10   10-B3004 13656 N MANNING LN              BAN
(subject sleeping in a vehicle)

Suspicious      11:50:25 07/22/10   10-B3005 325 W GRIFFITH RD; 26           POC
(JONES, JOSEPH V (20) was arrested and jailed for Disturbing the Peace, and Resisting and Obstructing an Officer; and a 16 yr-old male was arrested and incarcerated at the Juvenile Detention Center on a Detention Order)

Suspicious      23:18:23 07/24/10   10-B3044 fairgrounds office              POC
(2 motorcycles drove into the garage area)

Suspicious      00:54:50 07/25/10   10-B3047 Hwy 40/ Olsen                   DOW
(trespassing complaint, 35 yr-old male was cited and released for Driving Without Privileges)

Suspicious      06:14:56 07/25/10   10-B3055 Trayis Ridge; 100 ft from poc c POC
(vehicle parked in roadway since 4 am)

Suspicious      03:35:44 07/26/10   10-B3065 2812 W PORTNEUF RD              BAN
(vehicle and persons trespassing)

Traffic Offense 11:06:30 07/22/10   10-B3002 HAWTHORNE;TYHEE                 POC
(MARTIN, BURTON R (24) was arrested and jailed for No Driver’s License, No Insurance, and felony Fleeing and Eluding when Burton was involved in a traffic violation and a short pursuit)

Traffic Offense 13:18:23 07/23/10   10-B3026 TEAKWOOD ST; 130                POC
(24 yr-old female was cited and released for Driving With an Invalid Driver’s License)

Traffic Offense 15:03:49 07/23/10   10-B3029 Philbin ; N of Ballard          CHU

Traffic Offense 17:36:00 07/23/10   10-B3032 CHERRY SPRINGS                  POC
(ATKINSON, ROBERT R (55) was arrested and jailed for Driving Without a License, and he was cited and released for Failure to Register a Motor Vehicle, and Failure to Provide Proof of Liability Insurance)

Traffic Offense 19:40:02 07/24/10   10-B3042 RIO VISTA RD; btwn reservation  BAN
(traffic complaint, several juveniles riding ATVs on the roadway)

Traffic Offense 01:55:11 07/25/10   10-B3051 195 N Center                    LAV
(39 yr-old female caused a trailer to hit a pole)

Traffic Offense 01:55:35 07/25/10   10-B3050 Hwy 40; Near state Shed         DOW
(35 yr-old male was cited and released for Driving Without Privileges)

Unsecure Premis 22:59:22 07/23/10   10-B3034 fairgrounds; gate on west side  POC
(open gate)

Vandalism       10:38:05 07/22/10   10-B3001 8291 POCATELLO CREEK RD         BAN

Vandalism       17:03:54 07/22/10   10-B3011 13424 MEADOWLARK LN             BAN

Vandalism       11:38:52 07/24/10   10-B3037 8551 POCATELLO CREEK RD         BAN

Vin Inspection  08:29:41 07/22/10   10-B2997 309 9TH ST                      MCM

Vin Inspection  09:46:19 07/23/10   10-B3021 10629 PHILBIN RD                BAN

Vin Inspection  10:39:20 07/23/10   10-B3022 600 N Front St                  ARI

Vin Inspection  11:07:22 07/23/10   10-B3023 180 S Front St                  ARI

Weapons Offense 03:08:19 07/25/10   10-B3053 Box Canyon; S fork Mink Creek   POC
(43 yr-old male cited and released for a concealed weapon violation)

Welfare Check   20:35:44 07/22/10   10-B3014 WEST fork mink creek;trail head POC
(34 yr-old female and 26 yr-old male, highly intoxicated)

Welfare Check   15:23:14 07/25/10   10-B3060 SCOUT MTN CAMPGROUND RD; 3rd ca BAN
(two 5 month-old babies that are severely sunburned)

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