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Brian Grandstaff

Brian Grandstaff

Glimpses of Pocatello’s Interesting People

We see old friends and/or meet new people when we go to club meetings, rodeos, musical events, the grocery store and the list goes on. Sometimes, we find out later that those people have had experiences and abilities of which we were not aware.  These articles will be focused on helping you get to know them.

Brian Grandstaff is the subject for this story. Why? Well, when you see the trophies he has won during his years of car racing; hear snatches of his conversations with others and observe his management skills, it becomes evident that this interesting fellow is an asset to Pocatello. But first, let’s learn a bit about his background.

Grandstaff spent his early years in Iowa. His three sisters and one brother were a part of his life but his most compelling activities were focused on raising calves for 4-H projects which are valuable ways of learning for young people. This activity taught him about responsibility and the value of sticking with a task until it was completed. He worked with several breeds of cattle, although his favorites were the two Angus calves a cattle farmer entrusted to him and then  enabled him to win a championship prize in his class at a State Fair.

After finishing high school, he moved to Billings, Montana where he met Lisa, who would become his wife. They then moved on to Colorado and finally to Pocatello, Idaho. Grandstaff’s transition to these mountainous States introduced him to many available sports such as climbing peaks, skiing and hiking and then learning to hunt and fish. He had enjoyed those years in Colorado but then a job opportunity brought him and his wife to Pocatello. Upon moving here in 1994, his first venture was up Gibson Jack Creek to Elk Meadows which introduced him to the wonders that also existed here.

For Grandstaff, growing up was being outdoors, free to explore and find interesting things to do. His parents helped him with interests such as raising the calves for 4-H and fixing whatever malfunctioning mechanical object he could get his hands on.  As he approached adulthood however, this guy began to understand, without reading a book on ‘how to do it’, that problem solving can be developed through experience if enough attention is given to it and enough satisfaction is received from success. This capability moved him away from the often accepted ‘my way or the highway’ technique of dealing with problems, employees, clients and/or families.

Aside from capabilities related to job satisfaction, Grandstaff’s family life is most important to him. He and his wife Lisa have two children: twenty year old Zack and a twenty two year old sister. Here again, Grandstaff’s ability to stop and think before acting or making decisions has been well used in developing the skills necessary for bringing up children. This is not to say that he was automatically perfect but rather that he used his ability to learn when dealing with the many issues that arise for everyone  as their children mature. Of course, we never know if our children agree that we have had useful skills when it comes to their development but understanding is extremely important, both for sustaining parents and ensuring positive results as children grow up.

Grandstaff became involved in car racing in 2003 and has several (I counted nine) trophies displayed on a shelve in his office, but then I saw another group of trophies in another room. He talks about car racing as an activity that causes such a strong adrenaline rush that it is difficult to calm down after a race, so he is now stepping aside and will give his time to help others with their racing cars and techniques rather than  continuing  his personal attention to winning. His son, Zack is also involved in this sport and has developed skills that will keep him at the front of the pack in any race when he is not studying at Idaho State University.

Because Grandstaff is in the business of selling tires and providing mechanical solutions to car problems through that business, now identified as Brian’s Tire and Auto Repair Point S, his interest in racing has brought more customers to his shop where their satisfaction  is his highest priority.

So, what does the future hold for Grandstaff? Well, he plans to retire in about five years and then be able  pursue his interest in car races as a spectator and also give more time to those many outdoor interests which the Pocatello area provides. Regardless of how his future develops, I believe this person will continue to be an outstanding example of what can be done when one uses thought and problem solving in making decisions and enjoying life.

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