Getting to Know Nurse Practitioner Nicolette Hampton

Nicolette hampton: Nurse Practioner

Nicolette Hampton: Nurse Practioner

Getting to Know Nicolette Hampton

Getting to know individuals can be full of surprises, information and satisfaction. Each of those three features becomes woven into a whole with results that can identify any person as being different from another. Sometimes that person is a not yet a twenty year old university student whose compelling nature indicates she will go far. Another example is a woman of over ninety years in age and yet has the convictions, character and principles ensuring the fact she has always spoken out when faced with unsettling situations.

The person we are getting to know in this article is Nicolette Hampton who  finished the requisites for being a certified  Nurse Practitioner last year and works with Dr. Brandon Mickelsen.  But, let’s look at her early life first. She shared a genetic bond with her grandmother Vera Valera, the owner, manager and cook at La Paloma, a well known restaurant in Pocatello. Until she died during her eightieth year, this woman was there for Nicolette with advice, encouragement, laughter, common sense and familial friendship. The strength of their relationship had a strong effect upon this young woman when making decisions about what direction her life was to take. In fact, not everyone can have been so fortunate as to have experienced such a deeply important relationship.  Nicolette’s parents were there, but her grandmother was that one person who could give advice, provide comfort, and urge a child to take a step and then two steps and then run with the wind. Any of us who have had that type of a relationship with a parent or grandparent is uniquely fortunate in so many ways. Why?  Because growing up to be a happy and meaningful person is never easy if faced alone. This does not mean Nicolette was overly guided. Instead, she had the benefit of being close to a person who could provide strong but sensible suggestions, insights and alternatives for facing life’s questions and problems.

Nicolette was a tomboy as a child. She had two younger brothers and shared a love of cars with them. She learned such things as changing sparkplugs, batteries and tires and then learned to drive with a stick shift. In secondary school, where she went to Pocatello High School, she thought she might want to be an attorney but after working on a project which involved doing some research in the hospital, she felt a strong rush of adrenaline as she watched how quickly nurses worked and made decisions while at the same time being so kind to patients. Those qualities helped her decide that would be her aim.

As a nurse, she has worked with Dr. Brandon Mickelsen who has been an excellent mentor as she learned first about the many aspects of a nurse’s job such as making patients comfortable, helping doctors with procedures and many other tasks such as keeping lengthy records about patient progress. After working as a nurse, she decided to study to become a Nurse Practitioner. This tough task matches Nicolette’s energy, intelligence and ability to see what needs to be done without having to wait for someone else to tell her what to do.

There is more to the life of this energetic young woman than helping people with medical problems. She has been married to Jason Hampton for thirteen years. This fellow works for the Fire Department in Chubbuck and (considering the myriad of fires facing south-east Idaho)  his life is often busy beyond what one could expect. The Hamptons have two sons, ten year old Kanon and five year old Krew. The family goes camping and Nicolette loves to have time in the mountains or close to a river or lake where all four of them can enjoy the gifts that nature offers.

The most compelling aspects of Nicolette Hampton are her intelligence, vibrant personality and diligent approach to medicine. She sees a patient as a human being and not just a client with a medical problem who is depending on a knowledgeable professional to help. She listens, which exhibits one of the most important understanding of what it means to be a professional. Also, she has a passion for the work she does which becomes immediately apparent to a person needing her help.

She also believes that when making decisions about what profession a person will aim for, one must not be afraid to take risks. The most important consideration is that one must strive to find a career that is challenging but satisfying. Her cheerful continence can quickly reassure anyone she is helping that here is a person who truly loves her job and is capable of solving the problems that come with providing medical help. Along with her professional stance, she is a happy person and would be a joy to have as a friend.



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